Key Steps to Ensure Engagement with a New Blog Post

by redstorm


I was speaking at a conference last week on “Building a Successful Social Media Strategy for 2016” and asked if many people wrote blogs. Almost everyone did – no surprise there. However when I asked what steps these business owners took once they had finished writing the blog posts they seemed stumped. One answer came across as globally accepted – Hit “Publish”!

The vast majority of attendees were disappointed in the results of their blogging – low hits, no comments, no share, no lead generation and too time consuming – were the common complaints.

Yes, writing blog posts can be VERY time consuming, especially if you are running a business with long hours, busy days and demanding clients already.  I put an Editorial Calendar in place at the beginning of last year and don’t know myself now!  A calendar will save you huge amounts of time but almost more valuable, it will put a strategic structure on the content you are creating. Create your content around the keywords chosen within your overall business strategy. More on that in a later post.

Every Blogger Learns This Lesson

We’ve all fallen into this trap – you have just written THE BEST post of your life and are really keen to get it out there. You have got a cracking title, an intriguing introduction, amazing images/videos embedded, engaging content that has been optimized for the search engines, a great call to action at the end of your article… the whole production!

You take a deep breath… and hit “Publish”… and sit back and wait for the huge amount of traffic, adulation, comments, dynamic leads to pour in.

Still waiting?

This is what my attendees last week were all suffering from.  Your post has had no impact either in the virtual social world nor in your bottom line. Your post has NOT become part of the Social Conversation. But what can you do to increase the interaction and engagement with your hard crated content?

You Need To Shout About Your Post

No matter how good your content is, you need to get out there and shout about it. Only then will you be able to attract an audience to your site to help grow your business and the very best way to do that is with social media.

Social media is a great tool that can help you reach far more people that you could on your own. If people like something that you share, they can then share it with their connections, propagating your content to a much wider audience.

What To Do After You Hit “Publish”

News Flash – when you hit publish on your post, only half the work is done.

The really effective work starts now – I know you’re busy, so build a few steps that you can follow EVERY time. It makes it easier and faster. Build this into your work systems. Get onto social media and get social media working for you!

Everyone will have their own take on this, but this is what I would advise clients to do once they hit “Publish”. – Or any of the link shortener sites. Space in alot of social media platforms is tight. You need your blog post link to be as short as possible so people can share it and add their own message. An engine like Bitly will shorten a link from this; to this: and will track all interaction with that link so you can measure it.

Twitter – Make sure that you tweet out a link to your post which includes relevant #hashtags (don’t just stick these in a bunch at the end of your tweet, put them throughout your #socialmedia wording). Also, don’t just rely on one Tweet, send out a few at different times of the day, with different wording but the same link, in order to reach as many of your followers as possible.

LinkedIn – Don’t just put up and Update on your profile/company page though. There are over 7600 individual pieces of content go live every single hour on LinkedIn. You need to target who you want to receive and interact with your content. Individual emails, group mails, group updates…  Please make sure that your content is of value to those people you target and that you are NOT selling something. As with Twitter, push out your new blog post several time, using different wording that may attract the attention of different people.

Google+ – Share your post on your G+ page. This will enable you to reach out and let your subscribers know that you have a new post out. Remember to include relevant #hashtags. Remember -Google rankings LOVE when you use Google social media platforms!
Facebook – Share your latest post on your Facebook page. Again, remember to include #hashtags chosen strategically within your overall business goals and relevant to your content.

Facebook Groups – There are plenty of Facebook groups online that you can join that will allow you to share your links. Make sure that the groups you join are relevant to your site’s subject matter, otherwise it will just be seen as spam.

Pinterest – People are using Pinterest as a compiler of information – things of interest that I’ll read later/at the weekend. If you have any images within your post (especially infographics) then you need to make sure that you share them on Pinterest. You can gain a lot of traffic from Pinterest when people like your images, which is why it is always good to spend time finding great images for your posts.

Flickr – If you found an image to use in your post from Flickr (or any image site for that matter), it can be beneficial to go and leave your link in the comment section. That way, you are letting the image owner know that you have used their image (which you should have credited). You are also attracting a very different audience then on the more business focussed sites.

YouTube – If you uploaded a video to YouTube and embedded it into your post, make sure that you go back and include a link in your video’s description. That way, when people find your video on YouTube itself, they can click on and read more on your article and as you want to bring inbound traffic from trusted sources to your site for Google rankings, this is an excellent way of doing it.

Technorati – Make sure that your blog is listed in the main blog search engines!

Depending on the type of content you are creating and depending on where your main target markets digest information online, build out a few steps to follow EVERY time you write a blog post. Follow them. Watch where people are engaging with your content, change the focus of the steps if need be. Interact with people who interact with your content. Become engaged with the social conversation.

What steps do YOU follow when you’re publishing?

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