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Our founder Carol O’Kelly, a well known player in developing winning marketing strategies, was invited by the County Enterprise Board to give an Industry Briefing.


Seminar Outline:

Most businesses now are dabbling in Social Media; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… They’re all equal surely? Not so! You must consider what message you are sending and to whom, in order to see if that platform suits your business objectives – with one exception – LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the Chamber of Commerce of social media platforms.  It is the most important social media tool for owner-managed companies – non negotiable. Not convinced?  You may be on LinkedIn, but do you really know how to use it to cleverly build both your own reputation and that of your business? What percentage of your sales comes directly from LinkedIn? How valuable is your personal network of business connections?

On November 13th we will look at both personal profile pages and company pages and examine how to build simple, successful strategies for you and your brand – a powerful business-to-business marketing tool will be yours, making use of all the multi faceted tools available in the LinkedIn world.

Note:  If you do not currently have a presence on LinkedIn, I would suggest that you open an account (free) and get familiar with the site before the session as you will gain more from the evening. You don’t have to put up any information, look up people you know, see how it works. If you are having difficulties call me on 087.247 6600 and I will talk you through it.

DividerPresenter – Carol O’Kelly: 

Carol O'KellyStrategic marketing and business development expert Carol O’Kelly ( has worked with many high profile development phase companies over almost 20 years, both in Ireland and the US. Carol has a reputation as a passionate and pioneering marketing entrepreneur, speaker, coach and business development mentor.  A keen adopter of new marketing technologies, Carol has embraced Social Media platforms as a driving element in an untraditional and multi-faceted approach to branding, strategic marketing, business and personal development – providing actionable insights to those looking to build businesses, truly engage their audiences and leverage the full power of their marketing creativity for real results.


RedstormFounded in 2003, is a strategic marketing, branding, business development and social media agency.  We make sure you go to market with the right message, aimed at the right people to make your business the best it can be.

With a reputation for innovative marketing, Redstorm is also in demand throughout the entrepreneurial community for business mentoring, personal branding and reputation development, email marketing, graphics, online design and development.

The company works closely with young brands, SMEs and established blue chip companies but specialises in successfully developing smaller owner-managed businesses.

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