International day of the girl

International day of the girl

Today is international #DayOfTheGirl

The day when women and girls the world over celebrate being amazing, remarkable, powerful and impactful. Or it should be.

I believe that women are truly remarkable. I believe that every woman and girl deserves an education, deserves to be able to read, write and stand up for her ideas. Every one of us deserves to be listened to, to be valued, to be heard.

We’ve made enormous steps towards equality for women in leadership, women on boards, women getting equal pay and an equal say. But we must be honest and realise that we still have a long way to go. In some industries more than others.

In my Professional Personal Branding work I choose to work 95% of my time with women. To work on getting those voices strong, bringing clear value and impact into client’s lives, and packaging that value in a highly relevant way aimed at key audiences.

Today on this fabulous day, let’s all stop for a second and fully celebrate the women in our lives and the women we are and the ones we’ll become. Let us all be Brave, Courageous, Remarkable and Kind. Let us reach back and pull up the woman behind us. Let us support each other and celebrate each other.

I wish everyone a wonderful #InternationalDayOfTheGirl