Working with you step-by-step to build strong foundational elements of your personal brand that targets your specific audience through practical application and mentoring and leaves you bursting with confidence and prepped to scale and succeed.

I See You

You started your business because you believed you could make an impact and felt obligated to put it out into the world.

So far, it’s done well, and you’re preparing to scale and grow.

But bringing attention to your brand and targeting the right audience has been a bit of a guessing game. 

You’ve invested in courses and coaching, you bought and read all the books, and you’ve tapped into your business savvy, but things aren’t moving like you want. 

The learning you’ve committed to still hasn’t shown you how to grow your business opportunities. 

You have great ideas, but they aren’t moving the needle forward. 

The day-to-day hustle is preventing you from stepping back and examining the big picture of your business. 

You’re starting to realize that what you know to be true in your head isn’t being confidently communicated to the world. 

Waiting for opportunities to grow isn’t your style — you’re ready to make things happen. NOW!

It’s time to ditch “Imposter Syndrome” and embrace TRUE confidence to show up as the absolute expert you are.

Get 90 days of one-on-one and group support with business and branding strategies so you can build an impactful personal brand that’s authentically yours.


Hi, I’m Carol O’Kelly. 

After years of supporting women in leadership, I saw how the lack of confidence prevented them from building the business of their dreams.

I want to help as many women as possible discover their inner belief in their capabilities, build strategic personal brands that express their own powerful and stand-out brand voice, and confidently share their offers with the world.

I was inspired to build this personal branding coaching program for the women who have come to me with a desire to make an impact and influence through their stories. Women who have incredible drive and expertise but just aren’t sure how to outline it all into a strategic personal brand.

Because you deserve to have the freedom to build a stand-out business that turns your industry on its head. 

You have loads of experience and business sass, but you find yourself stuck where you are and unable to push through the hurdle to step into the next phase of your business. 

You’re not alone. 

I’ve worked with leaders from major companies all over the world — and the same things come up time and time again. 

They don’t insanely believe in themselves and their ability to make a big impact at first.  

As a female entrepreneur, you must have some degree of belief in yourself to get where you are.

Now it’s time to make that belief bulletproof. 

It’s this unwavering belief in yourself and your impact that can take you from playing small in your personal brand to showing up boldly and courageously claiming room. 

We’re here to build an iconic personal brand that has nothing to do with headshots and style guides —

one that’s firmly built on strategy, positioning, messaging, and personality.


  • Have one-on-one support and coaching from a personal branding expert and business mentor?
  • build a personal brand that your key audiences truly value? 
  • know exactly what your personal brand is and how to position it to generate game-changing opportunities? 
  • leverage your personal brand to build consistent revenue and authority? 
  • not just learn concepts, but how to apply those concepts to get real-time results?
  • unapologetically take the time needed on your business so that you can confidently take the right next steps?
  • feel confident to embrace your fresh visibility as you gain brand exposure?

Self-paced programmes lack accountability, and a single coaching session or one-month programme just isn’t enough to ignite a breakthrough. 

That’s why I developed this award-winning 90-day personal brand coaching programme that supports female entrepreneurs with their specific needs in building an iconic personal brand. We will take your brand and business to the next level and enhance your confidence to embrace visibility and rise up.


Iconic 90



Iconic 90: Ignite Your Personal Brand 

 This is a high energy, blended three-month group and one-on-one coaching program where you’ll develop your strategic personal brand and business, both in a group setting and with close one to one support so that you can:

  • Knock Impostor syndrome on its head
  • Move past all the noise that keeps you stuck and get clear on the next key steps.
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your own personal positioning 
  • Create a valuable and impactful personal brand that has your key audiences craving to work with you
  • Know exactly who these key audiences are and develop (action based – what’s the word?) messaging to attract them. 
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for both your personal positioning and your business going forward
  • Ignite your business based on your clear driving purpose
  • Build your magnetic brand story that attracts high value clients with ease
  • Fully embrace your worth, and feel immense confidence in being visible as the go-to expert.
  • Cleverly design your offers and packages to truly shine in the market.
  • Develop a strong, credible communication style in your unique personal brand voice.
  • Rise up with continual accountability and peer to peer support

This programme is specifically for entrepreneurs who value the importance of building their personal brand to radically scale their business with ease.


Are ready to fire up the heat on your brand authority and claim your leadership  in your industry.

Know your iconic brand deserves to shine brighter and magnetise your ideal audience.

Believe in the power of what a mindset glow-up can do to transform your personal brand and your scalability.

Iconic 90: Personal Brand Coaching Programme

  • 6 x 60-minute group calls for interactive application of my proprietary “Ignite Your Impact” Five-Pillar Framework.  You’ll get to road test your positioning, branding and packages and get valuable feedback from the group.
  • Hot seat sessions to overcome any fear holding you back from selling your offers, testing your messaging and feedback on your personal brand. You’ll get a huge boost in confidence knowing you’re on the right track.
  • 3 x 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls for individual support with your personal brand and business strategy.
  • Private Facebook Group for community support, peer review and communication between sessions, all call recordings + heaps of bonus resources.
  • 6 clearly designed modules covering each brand pillar, your purpose, your mindset and your messaging. Comprehensive workbooks for each module and separate training videos covering each element so you can move forward at your own pace between our sessions together.
  • Personal Brand Statement that summarises who you are, what you do, why it matters, and what sets you apart.
  • A clear individual “Action List” at the end of each sessio to ensure you are continuously gaining momentum and moving forward with infectious energy.
  • Personal Brand Strategy Guidelines to use in strategic positioning, thought leadership, and impact development. 
  • Special VIP options are available to get you individualised + fast results with done-for-you services to strategically share your personal brand across your aligned customer and collaborator touch points. 

Working with me means that you will work hands on and one-to-one

to understand key elements and develop your own strategic personal brand and positioning. 


Build a Personal Brand Strategy

Using my  “Ignite Your ImpactFive-Pillar Framework to build a strong personal brand that is made up of five critical pillars. We will look at your strategic positioning, voice, and ecosystem to ensure you craft a powerful and relevant personal brand foundation through real-time applications and weekly mentoring. You’ll know exactly who your key audiences are so that you can position your brand as relevant and valuable with clear action based messaging to attract your dream clients.

Outline Your Personal Brand Story

A compelling Personal Brand Story creates a valuable and sustainable impact and acts as the anchor in your personal brand strategy. You will uncover and craft your Personal Brand Story and learn how to use your story to build authentic connections with your target audiences. 

Craft a Personal Brand Positioning

Your personal brand positioning clearly states who you are, what value you bring, who you work with, and your brand voice. Craft how you are seen and valued in your industry.   how you stand out, shaping your brand messaging. This acts as the guide in your personal brand strategy and gives you an edge by targeting your specific audience.

Ignite your Personal Brand Strategy

Leave with a roadmap that combines strategy and action that you can put into use in your thought leadership and impact development. This is completed for you so that you have expert advice on the next steps you need to take with your personal brand positioning. 

Feel Confident in Your Brand Visibility

Tackle the mindset blocks that are preventing your brand from being the business you sacrificed so much to build. Never feel like a failure or imposture in your business again. Get actionable tips that will help you be comfortable being visible in your own way — this doesn’t mean getting louder or wearing brighter colors. By being authentically you, you will attract your right people.



Iconic 90


90 Days Individualised Coaching Programme

Everything you need to get your personal brand identity and clear foundational elements of your messaging in place. Your time to ask anything and gain clarity with individualised feedback and guidance. Gather everything you need to build a strong and impactful personal brand along with proven action steps to gain vital visibility.

Value $3,500

12 Weeks of Peer Collaboration, Exchange & Learning

6 hours of live coaching calls as a collective to learn and take away practical action based tasks, all calls include hot-seat sessions and super valuable peer feedback.

Value $3,000

One to One Sessions, Full Focus on YOU

 Three calls with me personally to focus just on you. Blast through any issues in your business or blockages that are holding you back as you work through the material in real time. We’ll work on key visibility elements, irresistible messaging, packages and your own mindset. You set the agenda!

Value $2,000

Key Elements for a Vibrant Personal Brand

Come away with a clear personal brand story,  your personalised plan of action and strategic guidelines for your compelling messaging, brand vision, positioning and ecosystem.  

Value $2,500

Compelling Messaging

Understanding your key audiences is a must for every business. Understanding where to find them is often overlooked. We’ll go deeply into who you serve and who are your connectors and revenue builders. Building clear, simple messaging that is unique to you. Messaging that converts.

Value $1,500

Irresistible Offers

Along with defining your Personal Brand, we’ll look at designing unique offer packages to scale your business with ease and style.

Value $1,500

Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions & Resources

Our coaching sessions are super valuable so you’ll definitely want to revisit the discussions and content. Plus, we include a ton of valuable additional resources (brand strategy exercises, business building, etc.) that you can access again and again.

Value $2,000

This programme is a cumulation of the strategies and resources I’ve used working with leaders over the past two decades to build personal brands that have elevated their careers and businesses, transforming their confidence and making their brands visible and valuable. 

It’s everything that I know works in building a stand-out personal brand.

And because I’m on fire to support women in building the businesses they deserve, I’m creating a community for you, of driven entrepreneurs where you can ignite your purpose and transform into the trailblazer you truly are.



Join the community to share your wins, ask me questions, and exchange ideas and get engaged feedback from your peers. 

Value $500


All materials pertaining to each topic packaged into a workbook. Yours to keep and use again and again. 

Value $1,000


Transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a powerful business tool that spotlights your unique personal brand, thought leadership and communication style. Build a high value and highly relevant network for your business with ease.

Value $1,700

simple service  packages

Join the community to share your wins, ask questions, and exchange ideas and get engaged feedback from your peers. 

Value $500


All materials pertaining to each topic packaged into a workbook. Yours to keep and use again and again. 

Value $1,000


Transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a powerful career tool that spotlights your skills and experiences and impresses your network and key audiences.

Value $1,700

You don’t have to do any of this alone