” Iconic 6″




Together we’ll ignite your iconic positioning, messaging and personal brand story.  Working with you step-by-step through my proprietory 6 pillar framework “Ignite Your Impact” to build strong foundational elements of your personal brand targeting your dream clients through practical application and personalised mentoring. You’ll be bursting with confidence and raring to scale and succeed.

If you’re looking for a seasoned expert with over 20 years experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, communications, leadership, branding, strategy and positioning — I’m your girl.   

I See You

You started your business because you wanted to make an impact, but you need to build confidence in the value you bring, your purpose and your positioning in order to start attracting more visibility to your personal brand.

You have big business dreams and great ideas, but you don’t seem to be moving forward.


Your day-to-day work pressures are preventing you from stepping back and examining the big picture of your personal brand and business positioning.


The learning you’ve committed to still hasn’t allowed you the courage to grab those business opportunities.


You’ve invested in courses and coaching, you’ve read the books, and you’ve tapped into your business savvy, but things aren’t evolving the way you hoped.


Waiting for opportunities to grow isn’t your style — you’re ready to make things happen. NOW!

It’s time to ditch “Imposter Syndrome” and embrace TRUE confidence to show up as the expert you are.

Get 6 months intensive group sessions together with one:one support on your positioning and communications strategies for you to develop a truly impactful personal brand that’s authentically yours and tailored to ensure your success. 


Hi, I’m Carol

After years of supporting women in entrepreneurial leadership, I see how a lack of self-confidence, an inability to succinctly package their value and a mistrust of personal visibility prevents women from building the business of their dreams.

I want to help as many women as possible discover inner belief in their capabilities, build impactful personal brands that express their own powerful and pure brand voice. To confidently embrace their iconic identity.

I was inspired to develop this personal brand coaching programme for the women who have come to me with a desire to make a real impact and build influence through their own stories. Women who have incredible drive and expertise but just aren’t sure how to package it into a cohesive, strategic and highly valuable personal brand.

My promise to every woman who works with me on this programme is to develop a fully authentic, stretching and impactful personal brand – a legacy you are proud to embrace. We will create and develop your personal strategies, positioning and messaging. I will encourage you to reach for greater, and to embrace your new confident visibility as you evolve with me on this transformative journey for both you and your business.


Carol O’Kelly
CEO Redstorm Communications Ltd

Carol OKelly


You have loads of experience and business sass, but you find yourself stuck where you are and unable to push through the hurdle to step into the next phase of your business.  

You’re not alone.  

I’ve worked with female leaders of major companies the world over – and the same issues come up time and time again.

They don’t insanely believe in themselves and their personal value and impact. Or know how to package it.

As a female entrepreneur, you must have a good belief in yourself to get where you are today.

Now it’s time to make that belief bulletproof. 

It’s this unwavering belief in yourself, your value and your impact that can take you from playing small with your personal brand, to showing up boldly and courageously claiming room. 

We’re here to build an iconic personal brand that has nothing to do with headshots and style guides —

one that’s firmly built on strategy, positioning, messaging, and personality.


  • Have one:one support and hands on coaching from an award winning personal branding expert and business mentor
  • Build a personal brand that your key audiences truly value and trust
  • Know exactly what your personal brand is and how to position yourself to generate game-changing opportunities
  • Leverage your personal brand to build consistent revenue and authority
  • Not just learn the concepts, but how to apply those concepts to get real-time results
  • Unapologetically take the time needed on your business so that you can confidently take the right next steps
  • Feel confident to embrace your fresh visibility as you gain positive brand exposure.

Self-paced programmes lack accountability, and a single coaching session or one-month programme just isn’t enough to ignite a breakthrough. 

That’s why I developed this award-winning 6 month personal brand coaching programme that supports female entrepreneurs with their specific needs in building an iconic personal brand. Our work together will take your brand and business to the next level.  It will deeply enhance your confidence to embrace visibility and rise up to embrace your true potential.


” Iconic 6″



Iconic 6 : Ignite Your Personal Brand

this is a high-energy, blended six month coaching program where you’ll develop your strategic personal brand and positioning both in a group setting and with close one:one support so that you can:

  • Knock impostor syndrome on its head
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your own personal positioning 
  • Create a magnetic personal brand that has your dream audiences craving to work with you.
  • Know exactly who those key audiences and stakeholders are and develop compelling messaging to attract them 
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for both your personal positioning and your business going forward
  • Move past all the noise that’s keeping you stuck and get clear on your next key steps
  • Cleverly design your offers and packages to truly shine in the market.
  • Ignite your business, based on your clear driving purpose
  • Fully embrace your worth, and feel immense confidence in being visible as the go-to expert
  • Get truly clear on the value that you bring to the table
  • Develop a strong, impactful communication style in your unique personal brand voice
  • Rise up with continual accountability and peer to peer support.

This programme is specifically for entrepreneurs who value the importance of building their personal brand to radically scale their business with ease.


Are ready to light a fire under your brand authority and claim your leadership in your industry.

Know your iconic brand deserves to shine brighter and magnetise your ideal audience.

Believe in the power of what a
mindset glow-up can do to transform your personal brand and your scalability.

Iconic : Personal Brand Coaching Programme

  • 7 x 75-Minute Group Calls for interactive application of my proprietary “Ignite Your Impact” six-pillar framework.  You’ll get to road test your positioning, branding and packages and get valuable feedback from the group.
  • Hot Seat Sessions to overcome any fear holding you back from selling your offers, testing your messaging and feedback on your personal brand. You’ll get a huge boost in confidence knowing you’re on the right track.
  • 3 x 30-minute One:One coaching calls for individual support with your personal brand and business strategy.
  • Private Facebook Group for community support, peer review and communication between sessions, all call recordings + heaps of bonus resources.
  • 6 Clearly Designed Modules covering each strategic brand pillar, as well as your purpose, your presence and your mindset. Comprehensive workbooks for each module to ignite your value and give you an opportunity to build each pillar without becoming overwhelmed.
  • 3 x 60 Minute Additional LIVE Coaching Calls – In addition to our seven in-person modules, we will also have three bonus live coaching calls as a collective to learn and take away practical action-based tasks, including hot-seat sessions and incredibly valuable peer feedback.
  • An Individualised “Action List” at the end of each session to ensure you are continuously gaining momentum and moving forward with infectious energy.
  • Personal Brand Statement that summarises who you are, the clear value you bring, why it matters, and what sets you apart. 
  • Personal Brand Strategy Guidelines to use in your strategic positioning, thought leadership, communications and impact development. 
  • Special VIP Options available to get you personalised and rapid results with our “Done-For-You” services to strategically share your personal brand across your aligned high value network, including a combination of 60 minute personalised strategy sessions, LinkedIn profile & network development, professionally written biography, and an impactful media/speaker kit.

I can’t begin to describe the difference Carol has made to my self-belief, confidence and courage. She is amazingly good at what she does. As she describes it, a strong personal brand enables you to walk in and “claim the room” I never realised the difference that would make until I did it.

AC - Tech Start Up, London

I have worked closely with Carol over the past few months to build my own personal brand as I brought my coaching business to market. I feel now that I have real confidence in how I show up, keeping her “Iconic Framework” always in the front of my mind. She’s wonderful to work with, supportive, funny and challenging.

SMcD - Leadership Coach

Working with Carol on my personal brand has honestly made such a difference in both my work and home life. I have gone for contracts I would never have dreamed of landing and even my husband is delighted, I’ve completely stopped second guessing myself. I fully believe that everything is possible, it’s like I have an authentic armour around me at all times.

GL - Videographer, NYC



Build a Personal Brand Strategy

Using my proprietary “Ignite Your Impactframework to build a strong personal brand that is made up of six critical pillars. We will look at your strategic positioning, voice, and ecosystem to ensure you craft a powerful and elegant personal brand foundation through real-time applications and monthly mentoring. You’ll know exactly who your key audiences and stakeholders are, so that you can position your brand as relevant and valuable with clear action based messaging to attract your dream clients with ease.

Outline Your Personal Brand Story

A compelling personal brand story creates a valuable and sustainable impact and acts as the anchor in your personal brand strategy. You will uncover and craft your personal brand story and learn how to use that story to build authentic connections and inform your personal positioning, showcasing what makes you truly remarkable in an impactful and relevant way. 

Craft a Personal Brand Positioning

Your personal brand positioning clearly states who you are, the value you bring, who you work with, your brand voice, your worth and what makes you truly remarkable. YOU determine how you are seen and valued in your industry.  Giving you the power to stand out, shape your own messaging and determine your next key steps. Putting it all in a high value package will put the big decisions in your court. This curated iconic positioning transforms and empowers you to make real change and create your personal and business identity.

Ignite Your Iconic Personal Brand

Let’s work together to create a roadmap that combines strategy, live positioning and action for you to immediately put to use in your thought leadership and impact development. Gone is the noise, busyness and confusion of the daily grind. You will ignite your clear purpose, clear positioning and clearly understood, needle moving, next steps.

EmbraceYour Visibility Mindset

Tackle the mindset blocks that are preventing you from being the business women you sacrificed so much to become. Stop doubting your instincts, second guessing yourself or feeling like an impostor. Get actionable strategies to help you become comfortable and confident being visible in your own way – by being authentically you and building proven value around the incredible business woman you are – you will revel in your new visibility.

Wow, Wow, Wow is all I can say. Before I began I didn’t really get the difference a strong personal brand would make. Not just to my business but to me, inside. I have huge confidence now in what I do and in how good I am at it. My messaging is clear, my prices are high and I’m loving it!

EO'G - Engineer, London

Carol is a powerhouse of personal branding and communications expertise! All wrapped up in the friendliest, generous and most supportive woman you could meet. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

LO'R - Business Development

Carol transformed a strategic personal branding series into a highly engaging and practical journey with huge generosity of time and spirit. She was keen to understand everyone’s needs beforehand so she could tailor each session to our group and had really done her homework. She is so clear, encouraging and funny in her delivery and so generous with her time and immense knowledge.

SP - Graphic Designer, NYC


” Iconic 6″


6 Month Individualised Coaching Programme

Everything you need to get your personal brand identity, positioning and clear foundational elements of your messaging in place working with my proprietary “Ignite Your Impact” six pillar framework, one (small and handpicked!) group session per month. With this personalised approach, this is your time to ask anything and gain clarity with individualised feedback and guidance. Gather everything you need to build a strong and impactful personal brand along with proven action steps to gain vital visibility and thought leadership. 

Value €4,900 pp

Three Additional Live Coaching Calls – Peer Collaboration, Exchange & Learning

In addition to our six main modules, we will also have three bonus live coaching calls as a collective to learn and take away practical action-based tasks, including hot-seat sessions and incredibly valuable peer feedback.  Each call will cover a specific additional topic.

 Value €1,650 pp

One:One Sessions – Full Focus on YOU

Three calls with me personally to focus just on you. Blast through any issues in your business or blockages that are holding you back as you work through the material in real-time. We’ll work on key visibility elements, confidence, irresistible messaging, personal positioning and your own mindset. YOU set the agenda!

Value €2,250 pp

Key Elements for a Vibrant Personal Brand

Come away with a clear personal brand story.  Your personalised plan of action with strategic guidelines on your value packaging, brand vision, positioning and ecosystem.

Value €1,250 pp

Compelling Messaging

Understanding your key audiences is a must for every business. Understanding where to find them is often overlooked. We’ll go deeply into who you serve and who are your connectors, revenue builders and needle movers. Building clear, simple messaging that is unique to you. Messaging that converts.

Value €1,750 pp

Irresistible Offers

Along with defining your Personal Brand, we’ll look at designing unique offer packages to scale your business with ease and style.

Value $1,200

Lifetime Access to Recorded Calls & Resources

Our coaching sessions and bonus calls are super valuable so you’ll definitely want to revisit the discussions and content. Plus, we include a ton of valuable additional resources (brand strategy exercises, mindset challenges, business building, etc.) that you can access again and again.

Value €1,250 pp


This programme is a cumulation of all the strategies and resources I’ve used working with leaders over the past two decades to build personal brands that have elevated careers and businesses, transforming confidence and making brands visible and valuable internationally. 

It’s everything that I know works, in building a stand-out personal brand

And because I’m on fire to support women in building the businesses they deserve, I’m creating a community for you, of driven entrepreneurs where you can ignite your purpose and transform into the trailblazer you truly are.


Interactive Facebook Community

Join our community to share your wins, ask me questions, get peer feedback, trial new messaging, new packages or your personal brand positioning. Practical and hugely supportive advice always and lots of live pop up training! 

Value €1,000 pp

Interactive Iconic Programme Workbooks

All materials pertaining to each topic are packaged into a series of detailed workbooks that come both as a printable resource and a fillable digital PDF. Yours to keep and use again and again.

Value €750 pp

LinkedIn Development Resources

Clients call this “The most amazing course on how to effectively use LinkedIn.” Transform your underperforming LinkedIn profile into a powerful business tool that spotlights your unique personal brand, thought leadership and communication style. Build a high-value and highly relevant network for your business with ease. Lose the “LinkedIn Fear”.

Value €1,000 pp

Personal Branding eBook

Each member of this programme also gets a copy of our latest Personal Brand eBook/workbook for creating an impactful brand, examining your purpose, your main goals, the key tips to ensure your brand is full of energy and clearly positioned to be valuable to your network of stakeholders.

Value €75



Full value of components €14,550pp PLUS bonuses worth €2,850pp

ALL For Just €4,750pp

Inner Circle VIP option below…




Everything in the above programme PLUS “done for you” fast track services

Full Email Support – For Every VIP

Fully ignite your progress with full-time email support. Ask me anything, anytime. My inbox is open to you to answer any questions that will come up about your personal brand, brand voice, impact or your business ideas. 

Value €1,900pp

VIP Strategy Session – For Every VIP

This One:One 60-minute session is super valuable. You’ll get full access to my expertise to review your own brand, positioning and career strategy together in real-time. Come away with confidence and a plan for actionable next steps for getting the right eyes on your iconic personal brand. 

Value €2,200pp

PLUS a choice of any TWO of the following depending on your needs…

LinkedIn Optimisation

You’ll get access to our transformative LinkedIn connection and engagement strategies. We will develop your personal profile “About” section for you. You’ll learn how to create and share converting content, develop your personal brand voice to maximise your thought leadership positioning, and build a high-value, highly relevant business network.

What you’ll get:

–  An expert’s review of your LinkedIn Profile and engagement
–  Steps to take to get your profile fully optimised
–  Analysis & development of your profile
–  Networking strategies
–  Content planning and engagement tactics

Value €2,450pp

Professional Biography

We will write up your professional biography to clearly position you across all your business platforms.

Value €1,300pp

Positioning Media/Speaker Kit

This is very strong positioning tool for you as you spread the word of your brand and business throughout your industry and in the media. This digital asset becomes a key part of the pack you send to potential events, clients and industry bodies for thought leader discussions, pitches and expert speaker panel opportunities.  You will get a fully developed media kit – content laid out in a custom design with current logo integration, custom colour and image scheme to match your personal brand.  Full control and ownership of a PDF file upon completion (Two PDF files delivered – one for web, one for print).

Value €1,850pp

Average value of additional VIP Services alone €7,883pp

Get the entire Programme PLUS the VIP services for just €5,950pp

To Sum Up – What You’ll Get-

  • 7 x 75-Minute Sessions for interactive application of our proprietary “Ignite Your Impact” Six-Pillar Framework. You’ll get to road test your positioning, branding and packages and get valuable feedback from our group.

  • Hot Seat Sessions to overcome any fear holding you back from packaging and selling your offers, testing your messaging and feedback on your personal brand. You’ll get a huge boost in confidence knowing you’re on the right track. 

  • 3 x 30-Minute One:One Coaching Calls for individual support with your personal brand and business strategy.

  • Private Facebook Group for community support, peer review and communication between sessions, all call recordings + heaps of bonus resources.

  • 3 Additional Live Coaching Calls – Peer collaboration, exchange & learning on topics including LinkedIn positioning, executive presence, confidence and presentation skills.

  • 6 Clearly Designed Modules covering each brand pillar, as well as your purpose, your mindset and your messaging. Comprehensive workbooks for each module so you can continue your transformation between our sessions together.

  • An Individualised “Action List” at the end of each session to ensure you are continuously gaining momentum and moving forward with infectious energy.

  • Personal Brand Statement that summarises who you are, what you do and what makes you truly remarkable.

  • Personal Brand Strategy Positioning that to use in strategic positioning, thought leadership and impact development.

Special VIP “Inner Circle” Options are available to get you individualised and fast results with “Done-for-you” services to strategically share your personal brand across your aligned network including a 60 minute personalised strategy session, LinkedIn development, professionally written biography, and an impactful media/speaker kit.

Oh Yes! I’m Ready

There are easy payment plans available for both options. Simply click into whichever option feels right for YOU.



If you’d like to know more, or would like to chat through the programme with me personally or check if we have the chemistry to make this a game-changer for you…

This programme will return but we don’t yet know when. So, if you’re ready to ignite your bold personal brand, get your business in front of the right people and start to scale with confidence it’s time to jump in…

Are You Ready To See True Transformation?

This is a great programme for you if you are ready to:

Ditch impostor syndrome and fully embrace your worth and your place in your industry


Feel insanely confident in your personal brand and know exactly how to position yourself to stand out


Build your own brand story so that you drive the narrative that’s magnetic to your dream clients


Feel confident to attract a high level of positive visibility to your brand


Remove the noise in your head and get clear on the next key steps in your scalability


Have your dream clients and collaborators lining up to work with you


how do I know this program is right for me and that now is the right time?

This program is best suited for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their businesses and grow professionally. If you’re not sure that now is the right time ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to finally have the personal confidence and recognition I’ve been dreaming of?
  • Am I tired of not getting the right eyes on my unique offers and acknowledgement for my expertise?
  • Am I ready to up level my career and business the way I’ve seen others in my space do?
  • Am I frustrated seeing others land the projects I’m perfect for instead of me?

If the answer is yes, then there isn’t a reason to keep waiting to put yourself first and to build the iconic personal brand you know you deserve.

What if I’m transitioning from my corporate job to launching a business?

Then this programme is perfect for you. Ensuring your personal brand is full of impact in your new business while holding the crucial elements of your existing thought leadership is not easy to achieve on your own. Any pivot can be confusing both to your psyche and to your audiences. You will become the face of your business so an impactful personal brand will move mountains for you.


What if I can’t make the live sessions ?

Each call will be recorded, but I strongly encourage everyone to jump on the live calls where you’ll be surrounded by like minded women, encourage to stretch yourself, your brand, your messaging and your mindset!

How are the calls scheduled?

We have a group coaching zoom call every month for 75 minutes. You will have 3 One:One sessions with me individually. These are scheduled at a time and date that suits you and what is covered is fully driven by YOU. We also have 3 bonus calls throughout your 6 months which will be scheduled well in advance.

Is there a payment plan available?

Absolutely! We want this programme to work for you AND your business. You can pay in full at the start or you can break that payment into 3 and pay 1/3 each of the first 3 months.

EXPERIENCE the transformative power of

” Iconic 6″

Together – Let’s Be Remarkable

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