Story Telling for Business

Engage, inspire and influence any audience through the power of storytelling


Storytelling is incredibly impactful and it’s at the heart of Redstorm’s approach to truly compelling communications. Let us show you how to create a powerful emotional connection with your key audiences, the ultimate evidence of why you and your work matters.

In today’s world of 24-hour communication, you need to stand out and be memorable if you’re going to make an impact. People do business with people. Showering your audiences with facts and figures may seem impressive but it won’t capture people’s attention, engage their imaginations or inspire them to take action.

In this transformative programme, we explore the power of storytelling in business, developing authentic leaders with the capacity to build relationships and influence change. We help clients transform high-stakes communications, bringing ideas, products and services to life through stories, transforming presentations, pitches and business conversations from uninspiring to unforgettable.


Structure and the skeleton of a great story

We investigate stories as a key tool for masterful communicators, the science behind storytelling and the juicy details of a simple structure that can be applied to any story or presentation. You’ll participate in the live unpacking of storytelling structures and design, how to map a simple story structure and find the right story to suit your business purpose, and you’ll begin to construct your own story for a specific business message.

Adding the ‘muscles’ - beefing up your storytelling

How to flesh out your story with the compelling details that make it appealing and memorable to others. We look deeper into structure and the vivid language and details that bring stories to life, how to add points of interest and drama in a way that suits your personality and corporate culture. You’ll learn from building out your own story and watching others receive live coaching.

Making it 'dance’ – telling stories with personality

You’ll develop advanced tools for making stories sparkle, using the techniques that set master storytellers apart and captivate audiences. We investigate body language, vocal delivery, adding drama and creating human connection, with practical advice on how to remember and deliver your story with confidence. You’ll be challenged to stretch your range to help you deliver your business story with maximum impact, turning up the volume on aspects of your personality that will help bring your story to life.

Pulling your business story together

Pulling together lessons from the whole storytelling series, it’s time to take a deep breath and bring your full-force, business story to the group. You’ll receive coaching, advice and a dose of challenge from Carol O’Kelly on how to bring even more impact to your story. Plus, you’ll learn from seeing your colleagues express themselves in new and courageous ways.

Carol O'Kelly

Carol O’Kelly is a well known international keynote speaker and facilitator who has worked with companies like KPMG, Bank of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and EY for over 20 years. She has a highly energetic and engaging speaking style and is always encouraging and motivational.

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Redstorm offers transformative training to help leaders become courageously authentic, compelling communicators who drive change in their company, industry and beyond.


Skills to structure and tell captivating stories for a business purpose

Confidence to bring personality, vulnerability and humour into your communication

Build stronger presence, voice, engagement, relationships and rapport

Embed purpose and clarity in your communications

Develop as a leader and communicator of change

Transform your capacity to win hearts and minds

What People Are Saying

The workshop on Personal Branding and LinkedIn was fabulous! Carol was fabulous! Enthusiastic, Engaging, Charismatic, Personable
She made it thoroughly enjoyable and highly valuable. A Must Attend” event!

Jack Bagshaw

Sales Development, FireEye

Carol‘s session on “Personal Branding” was absolutely inspiring! With the right balance of wit and professionalism she formed a connection with the audience and provided valuable tools to improve your personal brand. 

Sabine Cahill

Associate Director, Horizon Therapeutics

Just back from Carol’s LinkedIn MasterClass with Personal Branding Workshop and all I can say is WOW! This was a fact filled, action based session with personality. Cannot recommend this course enough!

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

CEO, Networking Summit

I recently attended Carol’s LinkedIn Masterclass training session.
I have to say that Carol was fantastic. Her training session was so engaging and Carol herself so full of energy and passionate about her subject.

Clodagh Doyle

CEO, Placelift


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