Carol O’Kelly


Finally, know exactly what to say and how to say it to clearly communicate the value of what you do.


You’ve taken your love for helping other people and turned it into a business.

You know you’re meant for the life of both “coach” AND “business owner,” but it’s not quite coming together as easily as you hoped.

The truth is, right now, you’re stuck somewhere between overthinking every word (Hello, analysis paralysis!) and feeling frustrated when what you do manage to put out there gets largely ignored.

At this point, you know the overwhelm and overthinking can’t be good for your business growth. (Let’s not even talk about what it’s doing to your mental health!)


Let’s craft a clear message that speaks to the heart of your dream client.

Good news: There IS a way to attract the people you want to help and turn them into paying clients…no matter how saturated the industry feels right now.

And, it doesn’t involve showing up on yet another social media platform, making awkward dance videos, or paying thousands of dollars to learn yet another “marketing strategy.”

It’s a non-negotiable step that every single business must go through. So important that most big companies and corporations spend MONTHS of time and MILLIONS of dollars perfecting before they even make a dime.

And yet, most new coaches overlook this step entirely, only to spend the next few months (read: years) feeling confused, frazzled, and straight-up scared when it comes time to market and sell their paid offer.


Getting your work seen by the right people…

Spreading your messaging out into the world in a bigger way…

Attracting an engaged, warm audience…

Creating a tight-knit community…

Turning leads into paying clients…

And, catapulting the growth of your coaching business…

All hinge on a clear message, unique brand voice, and good copy.



A LIVE virtual workshop to get clear on your messaging, brand voice, and copy so you can confidently share your work with the world and make magic in your business.



  • Build the confidence it takes to succeed in your business so you can get out of your own way and attract your dream clients with ease 
  • Embrace your marketing and be more visible so you can step away from being the best kept secret in your niche
  • Clearly identify your dream audience, understand what they want and need from you and get your messaging clear
  • Get over the fear of not being a natural ‘seller’ you know it’s important for a steady stream of clients so get ready to embrace your new sales focus
  • Stop struggling with constantly depleted energy and confusion from not knowing what to tackle next in growing your business, learn the key next steps to take
  • Banish procrastination and step away from the “Perfection Trap”
  • Find you are spending (or wasting) time and energy doing ‘busy work’ rather than the thing that brings you more clients and more money?
  • Know that you have the capacity and heart to serve a lot more people and make a lot more money but you need to take a confidence quantum leap to get you there?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not alone. It’s time to stop standing in your own way and launch into a vibrant new lioness life – one where you get to provide for your cubs and be there for them too.

Let me show you how…


  • Exclusive invite to a 2-hour LIVE virtual workshop with a small group of like-minded coaches turned entrepreneurs
  • The Messaging Magic Workbook—your new business BFF and reference manual that contains over +50 prompts to clarify and organize your message both now and in the future
  • The Brilliant Brand Voice Workbook—25+ prompts and templates to bring to light what makes you, YOU and bring it forward in your business
  • 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Headline + Subhead Copy Prompts so you can put your new message into action right away
  • Lifetime access to workshop recording and both workbooks

This is a small group, intimate masterclass experience. To keep this work incredibly valuable to those that attend, spots are limited and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. When they’re gone, they’re gone! No exceptions.



Valued at over €1,500

✨ Exclusive invite to a 60 minute LIVE virtual workshop – €400 value

✨ The Brilliant Brand Voice Workbook – €200 value

✨ Two days full access to me on Voxer after the event – €550 value

✨ 25% Discount on entry to my “Be Remarkable” VIP Coaching experience

Hey there, I’m CAROL!

Award Winning Personal Brand Strategist and Business Growth Mentor.

And, I’m no stranger to the “speaking into the void” situation.

In fact, my first 3 years in businesses a personal trainer, I “tried” (notice the quotes) to sell four different online coaching programs. 4!! Guess how many people signed up? ZERO.

At the time, I immediately thought, “No one wants what I have to offer.” “I don’t know enough.” “Clearly, something is wrong with me.”

It wasn’t until I learned about messaging and copywriting several years later and FINALLY (We’re talking 5 years into my business at that point.) took the time to craft my message and brand voice that it all finally clicked…

>>> The reason I couldn’t sell my paid offers wasn’t because no one wanted them, it was because I didn’t communicate about them effectively.

I wasn’t creating demand and desire for my work.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with learning the ins and outs of magnetic messaging and connection-based copy and applying what I learn directly to my business.  Surprise, surprise…my business, audience, and client base have continued to grow year after year.

And I’ve never had to deal with the ZERO signup situation again!

My ultimate life mission is to help people who want to help people, help more of those people. The foundation to *actually* do that? A clear message and good copy. So, let’s do it!



Valued at over €1,500

✨ Exclusive invite to a 60 minute LIVE virtual workshop – €400 value

✨ The Brilliant Brand Voice Workbook – €200 value

✨ Two days full access to me on Voxer after the event – €550 value

✨ 25% Discount on entry to my “Be Remarkable” VIP Coaching experience

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re a coach, practitioner, consultant, expert, or other service-based professional who has or wants their own business. 
  • You’d love to get more paying clients without it all feeling so difficult and overwhelming.
  • You understand that part of being in business means you have to put yourself out there and market your services.
  • But, you’re NOT interested in slimy, douche-y marketing tactics and would prefer an authentic, REAL way of attracting clients and coaching them to take the next step.
  • You’re willing to spend a few hours of intentional time working ON your business, not working IN your business, because you know that’s what leads to long-term growth.
  • You’re open to receiving guidance and support from an outside source that cares about your business success.
  • You’d love to hang out and collaborate with a small group of like-minded people.

Learn how to speak to the person on the other side of the screen, YOUR person, so their only possible response is, “I need this, how do I sign up?”



Valued at over €1,000

✨ Exclusive invite to a 2-hour LIVE virtual workshop $500 value

✨ The Messaging Magic Workbook $200 value

✨ The Brilliant Brand Voice Workbook $200 value

✨ 10 Fill-In-The Blank Headline + Subhead Copywriting Prompts $100 value

✨ Lifetime access to workshop recording and both workbooks