New Personal Branding Service Suite

“The most comprehensive professional personal branding service suite on the market today.”

We’ve been working incredibly hard to expand and target our services suite over the past few months. I have personally been working with the most incredible women in leadership positions. I have asked and listened to exactly what it is they need around their personal branding, leadership voice, communications services, advisory and positioning strategies. And we have delivered.

We have delivered over and over again in a wide variety of markets from International Advisory to Pharma, Intellectual Property, STEM, Law, Banking and Fintech.

It is an honour to work with women at this level, to service their career trajectories and to fine tune our next generation of service suite to fulfil their leadership dreams.

The quote above came from a client I have been working with for about 4 months, she is a leading director of a private bank in NYC. But I didn’t hear it from her, I heard it from a woman I was speaking at a conference with who recognised my name, as they sit together on an advisory board. She too, is now working with me.

If you are interested in learning more about this service suite and how it can transform your leadership journey or that of your leadership team feel free to give me a call and we can chat through this very strategic and fully comprehensive range of services.

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Redstorm CEO, Carol O'Kelly, is a hugely respected, award winning, keynote speaker in the areas of Personal Branding, Strategy, Communications, Executive Presence and LinkedIn. She has a huge passion for what she does and for the clients she works with. From C-Suite Personal Branding work to Communications Strategy projects and her Advisory roles, she brings all her energy, enthusiasm and focus to her work.


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