Is there something that is stopping you from taking the next step in your business or career? Something that is causing you a delay, acting as a choke point in your progress? Hop onto a Power Hour with me, Carol O’Kelly, and let’s work through this blockage and get you moving swiftly in the right direction!


Identify blockages

Is there a choke point or area that is stopping you moving forward? What one key area are you struggling with?


60 minutes

A 60 minute session to work through any issue that’s holding your business or career back or slowing you down.


Action Plan

Work with Carol to blast away this block and get real clarity on your next steps with a clear action plan on how you’ll move forward.

Carol O'Kelly


Keynote Speaker, Business Mentor, Personal Branding Specialist, Author

Carol launched Redstorm Communications in 2003 with a key team specialising in Marketing, Positioning, Communications, Branding and Strategy. She is a leading proponent of Personal Branding, working mainly with women in Executive Leadership positions or Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Thought Leaders. She is a well known international keynote speaker and regularly runs sessions on Personal Branding, LinkedIn and Business Development.

Carol is in huge demand as a Business Mentor and during these Power Hour sessions will work with you to quickly identify and clear any blockages in your business that are holding you back. Together you’ll get a laser focus on what is slowing or blocking you in your business and come up with an action plan to get you painlessly on the right track and over any hurdles you are facing.



  • A 60-minute zoom call and work session
  • Intensive problem solving from a Business Development Mentor
  • An agreed Action Plan that is easy to follow
  • Follow up email with resources and a recap of our call.
  • Access to Carol via email for one week to ask any follow up questions that may arise as you begin to put it all into action.

You will be amazed at how much we can get done! Book now and let’s get to work on your success!



Is your mind full of ideas and visions for your business or career? But putting it all together and into action… Well, that’s just not so easy.  Maybe you need just a little help creating a client offering or clarifying your messaging so you can take the next steps. Perhaps your business is just taking off and you need some guidance on how best to get clear on your value proposition or how to start your online sales…

Every business owner at some stage finds a blockage. Something that is tripping you up, slowing you down or stopping you over and over. Let’s get rid of yours!

This session is for YOU!

It is completely driven by YOUR needs. We get a laser focus on what is slowing or confusing you in your business and come up with an action plan to get you painlessly on the right track and over any hurdles you’re facing.

We work together for 60 minutes to highlight and overcome the key choke points in your business. So, it’s an intensive session but one where you leave with a clear plan, knowing your next steps. We completely remove any second guessing, hesitancy or confusion.

I’ve done a series of these Power Hours over the past few months. Every time I come up against a blockage I jump onto a call with Carol. It’s become one of the most valuable needle changers in my working life. No longer wasting days thinking and rethinking. Carol’s all about action! It’s very liberating.

Susan M – PWC

My head is always full of ideas for my business and to be honest I waste so much time going off in different directions developing shiny new offerings but not actually achieving anything. Carol stopped all that. Together we analyst each idea then develop a build out plan. I simply stick to it and the results have been game changing.

Fiona G – MedTech Start Up

I pre book these power hours in sets of 4. It’s a check in for me every two weeks. I’ve changed so much doing these sessions. I’m much more confident about where my business is going and what my communications style is like. It’s made my writing decision making much more succinct and informed.

Emma J T – Designer

I have always been a dreadful procrastinator. Unsure of my next step, second guessing myself. Working with Carol has got that completely out of my system. She looked at why I put everything on the long finger and has worked with me to find how to get over that. It’s a work in progress but honestly I wouldn’t do without these sessions, even just as a check in to make sure i’m on track. It’s so valuable.

Christine McR – Business Coach

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you CAN create.”

Roy T. Bennett