Are you launching a new business, product or service? Are you super excited or utterly terrified? Bringing your new venture to the next stage can sometimes seem impossible to achieve single handed… That’s why we’re here!

With a background in Entrepreneurial start-ups for over 20 years, our team is expert in getting you from drawing board to market. We understand the emotional and financial pressures in a start up environment because we’ve been there.

We will ensure that your business has strong branding, clear communications and effective strategic targeting of your market.  We handle the strategy, marketing, communications, web development, social media, design and print for you.  We mentor clients to build robust business and marketing plans and help with fund raising activities from local enterprise boards to international venture capitalists.

We will get your ideas into the market so you can enjoy the buzz of doing business.

We BUILD businesses.  If you’d like more specific hands-on help, our CEO Carol O’Kelly runs One-to-One Coaching for owner/managers of start-up businesses or sign up for our award winning Business Mentoring – A great Kick Start to get your business on track today!


Give us a call on 01 5640091 or Email Us – we’d love to chat about how to get your business successfully to market.



Marketing Strategy

Directional, effective and measurable strategies to drive your goals.

Brand Identity

We cover all the elements needed to identify and distinguish your brand.

Web Design

Clear and beautiful design to showcase your brand to clients.

Business Development

We will take the guess work out of successfully and sustainably building your business.

Story Telling

Let us help you create and deliver an impactful, engaging brand story that truly resonates.

Audience Messaging

Know your target audiences so well that each clear message you send converts!


Build your online presence with carefully curated content pillars on the best platforms for your business.


Take out the guess work with clear goals and a strategic action plan to achieve them.


Work closely with an experienced business mentor to ensure your greatest success.

What People Are Saying

Bringing someone like Carol on with her expertise and access to the team at Redstorm was such a game-changer for our business. We knew what we were doing (or thought we did) but the clarity and strategies we took on when working with them just literally changed the whole course of our business. It’s like having an in-house team of experts on call at all times.

Frank Mc A

Pharma Nutri Products

I truly believed I could do all this on my own and it was a really tough decision to bring in Redstorm. But honestly they have made my business work so easily, they redid my branding and marketing approach, fine tuned my audiences and messaging and just exploded the business into spaces I couldn’t imagine. But even more valuable was the personal coaching I did with Carol. She brought me through the whole funding round circus in such a calm and encouraging way.

Paula S

Company Owner

I came to Redstorm with a business idea but no business plan or real strategy. They looked after literally everything from my brand development, logo, website, to marketing and communications planning. It was so easy for me to get to know one team and they delivered it all on time and way more than I expected. I felt I was hitting the market with a full suit of armour!

Angela H

Consulting Services